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I’m a mediocre runner, with a sky-high goal. Can I be a better runner at the age of forty years than I was when I was sixteen? I´ll find the answer.

I´m going to document every single run, and sometimes even every single step. Through blogs, vlogs and LIVE streaming on my Facebook Page


The Latest Activity

The first LIVE stream!

This is my very first LIVE stream! Very exciting for me! These streams will definitely be more interesting when I can do interval sessions and fast runs, but this is a good start. I go for an eight kilometer run In the woods, to check if my foot is getting better, and...

Trying to find new running trails

The Running Vlog // Episode 3 We have re-located to the northern part of the country, where my girlfriend was born and raised. The nature is so beautiful up there and maybe you can see some of that beauty in the back. The...

The very first run after the injury

The Running Vlog // Episode 2 Lets go! Today Im trying to run for the first time since the injury got really bad in the beginning of May. Since then, I have not ran a single meter, but today Im back. With new soles, that...

The very first VLOG!

Here it goes! The very first vlog on my brand new running channel! Please excuse me for making some crappy vlogs now in the beginning. But, I need to find my... eh... style, if you see what I mean. And, the vlog material is...

The Asics Gel-Evate 3 feels incredible

I am kind of starting my running career all over again. At least it feels that way. And to start over again like this, and to make sure my injuries foot will be OK - I bought a lot of new running shoes. I have never spent so much money on running equipment before....

Walking and Jogging on the treadmill

It´s Sunday. The last Sunday in July 2017. Kind of sad actually. I feel like the summer hasn´t really started yet, but the reality is - it´s soon over. A summer without one single meter of running. Feels great. That´s irony! Yesterday evening I walked 7k in the city...

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