The Asics Gel-Evate 3 feels incredible

I am kind of starting my running career all over again. At least it feels that way. And to start over again like this, and to make sure my injuries foot will be OK – I bought a lot of new running shoes. I have never spent so much money on running equipment before. (Except for when we bought our treadmill of course).

One of the new pairs, is the Aspics Gel-Evate 3. Without doubt the most expensive pair of all I bought, and ever have bought in my life I guess. But wow… the price is fair, because the shoes are incredible!

Asics Gel-Evate 3 – Incredible
OK… let´s make one thing clear immediately. I have not tried these outdoors yet, and I have only used them on one treadmill session (today), but still – I can tell that these are perfect for me!

Even with my new custom made soles, which builds quite much horizontally, they fit perfect! I don´t have much time to write more about them now. I just wanted to write a short notice. In a couple of days, I will test them outdoors, and do my first running vlog episode as well. See you!

Any comments? Please let me get to know you, and leave the comment below. 😃