The very first run after the injury

The Running Vlog // Episode 2
Lets go! Today Im trying to run for the first time since the injury got really bad in the beginning of May. Since then, I have not ran a single meter, but today Im back. With new soles, that hopefully will make my running life so much better.

I am also testing my new Asics Gel Evate 3 shoes today. Expensive, but good – I hope!

This is the second episode of my new vlog, and it´s the first episode with any running in it. But still… you have to wait a little, to get any more action in the vlogs. I guess it will be much more interesting for you, when I can start doing interval sessions and stuff like that. By the way… have you read about my project?

Any comments? Please let me get to know you, and leave the comment below. 😃