Forgot Everything!

How dizzy am I? Yesterday I forgot to start the watch when I began my workout. This morning, I had forgot to charge my watch (so it was dead), and then I forgot to put the weight vest on for the first 800 metres. And walking on a treadmill without any weights, no matter how much incline, can hardly count as a workout.

Had to use the activity band
I always want to track my heart rate when working out, so I had to give my activity band a try. I always wear it, to track steps and sleep – but to be honest, it doesn´t do a good job when it comes to tracking heart rate. Except for when Im resting. And it really isn´t supposed to either, so I shouldn´t complain.

But I started it, to get sort of an idea of how my HR was. And the result is below. I compared it to the exact same workout I did a couple of days ago, to see how wrong the acitivity band measures heart rate.

Mi Band Activity Band // Norwegian Runner

It´s not my day today

At least not when it comes to technical things. Here I was supposed to write the results from the activity band compared to the Polar watch. But no… the band hasn´t stored the workout. I pressed stop at the end, and did nothing more – but now it´s gone. So… today I bring you zero information about my workout.

But OK… it was only a «walking workout» anyway. I look forward to bring you more interesting content when I´m back running!