My Running Project

I am so glad that you are here, and that you have clicked in here, to read about my running project. I will keep this very short, and If you have any questions – please use the comment field below, or write me an email.


I´m getting old…

… and I hate it! There are so many things I would love to do, that I can’t do because I´m too old. I would love to be great in some kind of sport, but the time has gone by so quickly. Now I´m 40! Forty years old!

From training last winter. Wearing the clothes from the cross country ski team Team Leaseplan

Better at 40 than 16

To sum it up in one short sentence, that is my project. To be a better runner at the age of 40 (or older), than I was at 16. I guess it sounds very hard, and I am sure that it´s going to be as well – but I am sure that I can do it.

If I really should do it, is an other question. My doctor, who I dont like that much, is the kind that thinks life is more or less over when you´re 40. He always ask why I do push ups, why I have to run so much and stuff like that. «You´re not supposed to be running a 10k under 40 minutes when you´re 40 years» he told me.

But I don´t care! And I don´t trust him either. And by the way, other doctors love my project.

My lovely girlfriend, who keeps me with company on many of my runs.

Please follow me!

Everything is easier with great support, and for this project – I need all the support, tips, feedback I can get. Do you have any comments about the project itself, my workouts, my vlogs or anything – please feel free to write to me. You can follow me here on the website, on my Youtube channel and on my Facebook page.

Motivating myself
This whole «Filming myself, making vlogs, streaming and writing blogs»-thing, is mostly to motivate myself. And If I know that people are following me, and are genuinely interested in my project and idea – it pushes me even further. That is why I have started this vlog concept.

And I love to edit movies. This way, I can combined to passions – and pull some motivation from it at the same time. Perfect!

That´s all! That´s my project. Please follow my streams, vlogs, blogs and please let me know who you are, by writing and commenting to me.

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