My Story

This is the story of my running history. I´ll try to keep it short, and I should do fine – because the story isn´t very exciting, to be honest. Sadly, it´s a story about running on and off. Off mostly because of injuries.


I Think I Was A Running Talent

I actually do. My dad took me running quite early, and I think I was running alone through the streets at a very early age. Like when I was 9-10 years or so. Around that age, I joined a club that was doing cross country skiing during winter, and running in the summer. All the other guys were older than me, so I was pushed to perform at my very best, to keep track with the other guys.

But I didn´t stay in that club more than a couple of years. I started to play soccer, and ever since then, I have been running by myself. On and off. 

This picture is from the Stockholm Mini Marathon in 1991. I was 15 years old, and this is 100 meters before goal. The distance was 3.3k, and my result was 11:39.

My best results

The 3.000 meter
The best results throughout my «career», I logged at the age 15 to 17. I joined a so called Running Carousel, with eight runs in half a year. I won the Under 20 class, when I was 16 years, and the best result from that carousel, was 9:36 minutes on the 3000 meter (street run). I have never come close to that time since. I think I remember that I did 10:26 on the same distance (under wet conditions), when I was in the army at the age of 19-20. 
The 10.000 meter
As far as I can remember, my best official result from a 10k competition, was at Norgesløpet in Lillestrøm, some time in the mid 90s. I think the time was around 37:30, and I remember that I was very disappointed. The reason is, that a year or two before this run – I ran Oslo Half Maraton, and I passed 10k at 36:10. And actually, I use that time as my record on the distance.
The Half Maraton
I have only run the distance once (in a competition that is. We also ran the half marathon on a dance camp, and I think I did 1:25 or something). It was back in 1994 or 1995 or somewhere around those years. As written above, I started out quite fast, passing 10k at 36:10. I kept the same pace for the next 6k as well, and I was beginning to think that the end time in goal, was going to be a very good one. But then… I failed big time.

As I passed 16k, I thought that a little extra energy for the last 5k, would be perfect. I opened my tiny pocket in the shorts, and swallowed two sports energy tablets. 500 meters later, the race was completely destroyed. I got a stumach ache that was the worst I have ever experienced. It was almost impossible to run, but somehow, I managed to finish. I can remember how angry and frustrated I was during the last 5k, and I can never forgive my self for being so stupid. The finish time was somewhere around 1:26:00 I think.

Picture taken at the exact same place, exact one year later than the first one. I think I look a lot more than one year older then the first one, but anyway. This was in 1992, in Stockholm Mini Marathon. Distance: 3.3k, and the result: 11:51. 12 second slower than the year before, and I still can remember my disappointment.

Injuries and other distractions

When I joined the army at age 19-20 (in 1998), I didn´t run as much as I used to, and I started to get injuries. In the beginning, my knees was the most problematic area, but later – my feet joined the club. Every time I got into a good routine with running, I had to stop because of an injury in my feet or knees. And so it has been since.

But still, I think I have it in me. The ability to run quite fast for a long time, and that is why I have started this blog/vlog now. I hadn´t run a competition run in almost 20 years, when I showed up in the start line at Sentrumsløpet 2015. A huge 10k race in the centre of Oslo, with a little hard opening the first 3k. My training before the run had not been very good or organized, and at the competition day – it was freezing cold and I was far from completely warmed up before start.

Anyway… I did fairly good, and finished at 38:13. I came in at 43rd place in my class (age 35-39), and place 369 in total, of 8.741 runners. This shows me, that breaking my 36:10 record at the age of 40, should be possible with dedicated training. 

If I can avoid injuries, and if I manage to stay focused and organize my training good – I will make it. If you will like to follow me along the way, please bookmark my blog, and follow me on Facebook and Youtube. Let us inspire each other!  Haven´t read about my project? You can find it here.

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