The very first VLOG!

Here it goes! The very first vlog on my brand new running channel! Please excuse me for making some crappy vlogs now in the beginning. But, I need to find my… eh… style, if you see what I mean. And, the vlog material is not the best yet. I mean… I still can´t run full out, because of the plantar fasiicitis injury. But the progress is great nowadays, so I guess I can take you with me, on some great training sessions soon.

In this first episode, I am just going to a nearby town (Lillestrøm), to pick up my custom made soles, which will make my life so much better! This episode, and some more to come, will be made more or less to get to know the medium. Please be patient! 😃

Any comments? Please let me get to know you, and leave the comment below. 😃