Walking and Jogging on the treadmill

It´s Sunday. The last Sunday in July 2017. Kind of sad actually. I feel like the summer hasn´t really started yet, but the reality is – it´s soon over. A summer without one single meter of running. Feels great. That´s irony!

Yesterday evening I walked 7k in the city with my girlfriend. Inserted my soles into the Salomon Terrain shoes again. Au au au! Pain pain pain. When walking with the Mizuno, it´s OK. The Salomon shoes though… phew.

Anyway… today it´s been a lazy day. We were supposed to get in the car and drive 21 hours north, to my girlfriends home place. Instead, we are going by airplane tomorrow evening. So today, I´ve just been lying on the bed, watching Youtube movies. I have also been eating candy. That´s allowed on Sundays by the way. Oh yeah… and I ran on the mill, for the first time in many months.

Walking and running on the treadmill
This is the third day after getting the new soles, and I thought it was about time to try some running again. Or, I should say jogging. Today, I walked for 1k, before I tried to run 500 meters on a slow 8 km/h pace. Then walked for 500 meters and so on. So this workout was like:

1k walking 2.5% incline
500m jogging (8km/h), 500m walking (6 km/h) x 4

When I was jogging, I lowered the mill to zero incline. Good thing to note after this: I didn´t feel any pain at all in my feet. Progress! Maybe I´ll go for an outdoor run tomorrow. The Salomon shoes (terrain shoes) are killing me, as mentioned before, so maybe I should try the new Asics shoes on gravel instead. Time will show. If I´ll go for an outdoor workout tomorrow, I will definately try to stream LIVE for the first time. Yey!


Resting in bed on a Sunday - Watching Youtube videos

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